Charlie Meek and Danny Crum had always shared a love of computers and gaming; however, it wasn’t until 2009 when the idea hit them to start a business together.

Charlie had several years in the business of sales and customer service and knew that he had something to offer customers that is almost more important than the product, great and personal service. Sure there is competition in any market but not everyone appreciates the perspective of the customer.

Danny’s passion for computers evolved from hardware and software to website development and small business marketing. His first website ventured generated enough money in about 4 months to pay for his honeymoon. He later sold the site, which opened the doors for many website ventures to follow.

Late in 2009 Charlie and Danny tossed the idea around to start a business together combining their skills. Several late nights and several hundred emails later Perfect Choice Marketing was formed.

The business venture not only allowed us to rekindle a friendship, but also, gave us a chance to provide personal service to small business owners.

In November of 2014, Danny purchased Charlie’s shares Perfect Choice Marketing. Charlie has since started his own Property Management business in Asheville, North Carolina. Our friendship still remains and someday when our crazy lives calm down I’m sure we will start another business together.